Valle Gastronómico was born as a family business run by us, Rene and Milagros. Our illusion, years of work, experience and a lot of passion for food and good service have been the engine of our success. We started with TAWA in 2016 and its great reception encouraged us to grow with other restaurants. TAWA was followed by 3 Keros (2018), Casa Colonial (2018) and Mantay (2020), each with its own personality.

Our cuisine is highly creative and aims to make you experience different sensations on your palate, as we like to innovate with different aromas, textures and flavors, all based on the tradition of our land.

We know that everything starts from the ingredients, that's why to make your experience unforgettable, we use the best products, always fresh and of first quality, along with processes of elaboration with which we assure to take the best plates to your table.

One of the fundamental pillars of Valle Gastronómico is our team, young and experienced people from this wonderful valley, who put their effort and dedication every day, passionate about cooking and good service.

Valle Gastronómico is made up of 4 restaurants,
which offer diverse proposals

The first son of the family: TAWA, which means “4” in Quechua, which for us represents the members of our family, who with much perseverance and love built this restaurant in Yucay, the place chosen by the Inca royalty.

We admire and know how to recognize good cuisine, that is why we decided to keep the name of 3 Keros, a restaurant with 15 years of experience in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas. Here you can enjoy a renewed international menu with the influence of Peruvian cuisine…

For us it was a gift to arrive at this 200 year old house. Recently restored, with balconies and decoration typical of the time, we invite you to enter a place where we honor the flavors of our Peruvian cuisine.

The Valle Gastronómico family continues to grow. Mantay is our restaurant located in Ollantaytambo, a district with a lot of history, known as the living Inca city. Here you can enjoy buffet breakfasts and contemporary Peruvian food – fusion.